Handlebar Bag Prototype


A padded + insulated handlebar bag.

This is easily among the most picked up and inspected items in the shop’s IRL bargain bin.

This is a prototype that was sewn quick and loose. As such, some finish details are a bit janky. That said, it is structurally sound and perfectly functional.

It just needs to find the right home.

In stock


A padded + insulated handlebar bag sounds simple enough.

It has a divider more-less in the middle and opens at both ends.

The roll is 6 inches in diameter and each side is about 5 inches deep.

Draw-cord closure.

Navy Blue waxed cotton canvas.

Pro-tip… If 2 small compartments aren’t your thing, the divider could be carefully cut out to make it one compartment… a padded cylinder 10 inches long by 6 inches diameter.