Donation Duffel – Trillium Family Services


I have been behind on Donation Duffels for a few months. I got current today (May 30, 2023). Things are going well at the shop and I hope to be able to resume doing Donation Duffels in the future, but they will be out of stock for the near term. Together we donated more than 50 duffels over the past year and a half. Thank You!

This item is a donation… IE: it’s buying a bag for someone else. 

The purchase price covers materials and we donate the labor. Duffels are delivered to Trillium Family Services in SE Portland, OR and they pass it along to a kid who needs a bag.

More details below – including a statement from Trillium Family Services.


Out of stock


The Lords Luggage Donation Duffel is our way of inviting you to help us do something about a particular luggage need in our community. 

Where do Donation Duffels go?… From Shanin at Trillium Family Services:

Trillium Family Services is a vital resource for Oregon’s children and families facing mental health challenges.

We believe in building brighter futures with children and families. We offer hope to families when they don’t know where else to turn. Whether we are addressing a one-time mental health crisis or an ongoing condition, we equip children and their families with the right tools to understand their challenges, treat their conditions and gain new skills in order to effectively manage their mental and behavioral health challenges. Your donation of a bag allows kids being discharged from in-patient programs to pack their belongings and carry them home in a dignified manner. Any questions about Trillium Family Services and our programs you can visit our website at or contact Shanin Engman at

When you sponsor a Donation Duffel, you’re covering the cost of materials and we’re donating the labor.  We make and deliver Donation Duffels in small batches approximately monthly.

We hope that you will consider sponsoring (IE buying) a Donation Duffel and being part of this effort. 

Thank You, Andy Schmidt


Bags donated 2022:

January: 3 bags 

February: 5 bags 

March: 5 bags

April: 5 bags

May: 4 bags

June: 0 bags

July: 6 bags

August: 4 bags

September: 5 bags

October: 0 bags

November: 0 bags

December: 10 bags

Yearly total: 47 bags

21 of the 47 bags were sponsored by customers


2023 donation tally:

January 5 duffels

February, March, April 0

May 2