Eleanore’s Bag


A modern hand-pouch fit for a fancy lady from a previous era. Go, granny, go.


Eleanore had fantastic stories of exotic travel and fancy-dress ballroom affairs, but her best yarn was more a series of tales that culminated in a joyful reveal that she was the inspiration for Jan and Dean’s 1964 hit song “The LIttle Old Lady From Pasadena.” I don’t know how much, if any, of it was true. I don’t want to know. I like the story and I like the prospect that just maybe The Little Old Lady From Pasadena rode in my car. 

I heard the song recently and it got me thinking about what bag I’d make for Eleanore if she were still around. Eleanore liked fancy things, so I bought some fancy zippers and got to work. 

The resulting bag is an upscale version of the Hand-Pouch we made for our launch pop-up shop. I doubt Eleanore ever accessorized with a canvas clutch, but I’d like to think that in the right hands with the right attitude this Eleanor’s Bag could get twenty-first-century ballroom notoriety… on or off Colorado Blvd. 

Features Include:

Volume 1.5L

Polished brass Excella zipper – YKK’s premium line

9 inch long zipper opening

Footprint 3” X 7”

Height 5”

Black handle and trim

Butter hue canvas


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

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