Cross-Body Pouch Waxed Canvas


A modest size bag intended to be worn cross-body style. 


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Regarding color: The detail image highlighting the knot on the zipper slider suggests the fabric might be more red than it is in person. The other images are a better representation of the actual color.

Designed to be worn over a shoulder… cross-body style. 

The strap is adjustable so that it can be slung low with the bag resting on a hip, or it can be worn high ‘n tight so it rests on the back or chest and doesn’t move as much.  Each configuration has it’s pros and cons. 

At 2+ Liters volume this cross-body pouch is sized for efficiency yet has room for a few extras beyond the baseline of wallet-keys-phone. Pack smart and you’re likely to be surprised how much fits.

This bag is not a fanny/waist pack. The strap is attached to the bag at an angle so the bag can hang and rest more comfortably on a hip or back or chest. Also, the strap is adjustable but it does not have a buckle.   

Pro-Tip: Once I established that my preference is to wear this bag higher, I cut about 10” off the strap and melted the end with a lighter. I can no longer adjust it to hang on my hip, but I no longer have a dangling tail. 

Features Include:

#10 YKK zipper w/ tarred-twine pull cord (rattle free) 

Volume 2.25 Liters

Zipper opening is 11” long

Footprint 4” X 8”

Height 5”

Strap is 50” long (can be cut to desired length)

This listing is for the waxed canvas version of this bag. It’s also available in dry-feel canvas in a separate listing.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 5 in