After Party Roll Top – Dessert Edition


This three season roll-top bag fits nicely into a Wald #137 basket. Designed with efficiency, durability and economy in mind. It’s got carrying handles,  shoulder strap, internal pocket, basket snaps, roll top. Made with a single-layer of durable water-repellent dry-feel cotton canvas. 



Lady Sluggage enjoys making sweets. Her signature dessert is tiramisu. It starts with lady fingers from scratch and piping the cookies to the right size.  Mixing each component to the right consistancy is certainly time consuming but the results are memorably delicious.

Another delicious treat is her homemade cheesecake, with a crust made of crushed biscoff cookies. Plain is always preferable but topped with fresh lemon curd takes it to another level.  We are lucky to have good friends with chickens who like to share their abundance of eggs. 

But Lady Sluggage isn’t the only one making delicious desserts around LLHQ. Our friend and neighbor turns out a mean mixed berry galette that’s too good to not share. It’s perfectly delicious by itself, but served a la mode with a scoop of vanilla is quite decadent. Perhaps Neapolitan would be worth trying or perhaps I’m just trying to work Neapolitan into the text because it’s a cool color combination. 

It was inevitable that desserts would work it’s influence into the bag-making side of things, and the result is a set of color ways for a bag already in the works.

This three season roll top bag has a fun and simple design to be used as an everyday wear. It is made with a durable water-repellent dry feel cotton canvas and has a strap that can be used to carry about, as well as snaps at the bottom to attach to your bicycle basket. 

About 12 inches tall when rolled and clipped, and 18 inches tall when fully open. Consider how the bag will interact with your handlebars and never exceed the load limit of the rack supporting your basket.

Other features include: 

  • Volume: 18 L w/ top-rolled & clipped. 27 L when fully open
  • Footprint: 8″ X 12.5″
  • 18″ tall w/ roll-top fully open.
  • Approx. 12 inches w/ top rolled & clipped
  • Adjustable/removable shoulder strap 
  • Snaps to secure bag into basket 
  • Three season water-repellant 
  • Dry-feel water-repellent cotton canvas 
  • Internal zipper pocket to stash personal items
  • Roll top closure using sister clips 

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 in

Lemon Cheesecake, Mixed Berry Galette, Neapolitan, Tiramisu