Weber Kettle Cover


A professional quality cover for a 22-inch Weber Kettle charcoal grill.

With proper care it will still be going strong in a decade.

Your grill will thank you for using a good cover.





This is the best “off the shelf” cover you are likely to ever find for a Weber Kettle. 

The big box Kettle cover is $50 and feels like a novelty item in comparison.

The material is called Top Gun… it’s good stuff… look it up. 

Always be sure your grill is clean, dry and cool before putting the cover on. 

Cover can be cleaned using a mild soap and a soft bristle brush. 

Elastic drawcord in the hem can be left loose for easy on/off during grilling season and can be cinched for windy conditions and/or overwintering. 

Fits 22” Weber Kettle

Original Kettle or Premium Kettle?

The Original Kettle has an open-tray style ash catcher, and one handle on the kettle (not counting the handle on the lid).

The Premium Kettle has an enclosed bucket type ash catcher and has two handles on the kettle (not counting the handle on the lid)