Who is Lord Sluggage?

Some people call me Smitty. Most people call me Andy. Lords Luggage is the name of my business. Lord Sluggage was a happy accident.

I learned to sew shortly after high school. I was in pursuit of lightweight backpacking gear. The Ray Way rocked my world.

In my mid-20s I got an apprenticeship at Kern Sails in Newport Beach, CA. I spent the next decade building sails and sewing marine canvas. At first under Kern then under my own banner. I shuttered the business in 2011 to focus on raising my kids.

Full-time parenting was my life through the 20-teens.

Shortly before Covid I landed a sewing gig repairing outdoor gear at home. When the pandemic left me with some time, I pivoted to making bags for myself, my family and small circle friends.

The Lords Luggage name and the idea to start a bag business was born from a late-night joke by a fire with friends. The idea percolated a bit and the availability of the URL sealed the deal.

After a year and a half operating from my home, Lords Luggage moved into the historic Eastmoreland Grocery and Meat Market building in May 2022.

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Andy Schmidt
Lords Luggage