Frame Bags

If you can come to the shop in person, do it.

I can show you demo bags and fabric swatches in person. That alone is worth 10,000 words via email.

If an in-person visit isn’t in the cards, read on.

Semi-custom means it’s sized to fit your bike, and you pick the color from our swatch books.

Beyond that, The size of your frame dictates the features and layout that works well. I stick to that unless there’s reason to deviate.

Lace-on attachment is standard. Velcro is an option. Bolt-on attachment available for suitable frames.

A variety of fabrics are available… waxed canvas, recycled pack cloth, industrial tarp and marine cover fabrics each have their pros and cons. We can discuss and I can show you samples.

Frame bags start at $200.

Come by the shop or start the conversation via email: