Frame Bags

If you can come to the shop in person, do it.

I’ve got a couple frames set up with demo bags so you can see the details + features. That’s worth at least 10,000 words.

If an in-person visit isn’t in the cards, read on.

Semi-custom means it’s sized to fit your bike and you pick the color from the swatch book.

Beyond that, I’ve got a general layout that works well. I stick to that unless there’s reason to deviate.

Lace-on attachment is standard. Reinforcements for bolt-on attachment available for suitable frames.

Waxed cotton canvas exterior and Ecopak liner is our standard frame bag fabric combination.

I will need an accurate tracing of your frame to design your frame bag.

How comfortable are you making a tracing of your frame?

A good tracing is the key to a well-fitting frame bag. I prefer to make the tracing myself. If that’s not an option, you must be comfortable making an accurate (within 1/16th inch +/-) tracing of your bicycle’s main triangle with markings indicating any and all possible obstacles… braze-ons, tube intersections, clamps, cable exits, etc.

Still interested?

Come by the shop or start the conversation via email: