Custom Luggage

I spend most of my shop time on small batch production runs and frame bags for the Bantam Bicycles Travelall Complete Bicycle. To keep things interesting, I periodically take on table-top size custom canvas projects. 

Recent projects include:

  • Custom frame bags: Options include: Waxed Canvas, Ecopak, Acrylic Coated Canvas, lace-on, velcro, bolt-on, roll-top, zipper, interior divider
  • Basket bag sized for baskets other than Wald 137
  • Platform bag for Pass and Stow Five Rail rack
  • Longtail Cargo Bike Bags
  • Rifle Scabbard
  • Small Boat Cockpit Tent
  • Potters Apron
  • BBQ Cover
  • Chef’s Cutlery Roll

As a general rule, custom items/jobs start at about $200. 

Prototypes and Custom bags are branded Lord Sluggage.

For more information and/or to discuss the details of your custom canvas project, email: 

  • heavily loaded Surly Big Dummy cargo bike