For the sake of simplicity, we use a limited number of fabrics at Lords Luggage.

Waxed Canvas:

XXL 2-part waxed canvas frame bag

Waxed canvas is our go-to fabric. It’s woven cotton canvas with Martexin wax finish. It ages well, it’s strong, and the wax keeps the elements out. Also, it can be re-waxed when weather protection wanes. We use waxed canvas for basket bags, tool rolls, disk golf bag, musettes, and bags for the Bantam Travelall Complete Bicycle.

Dry-Feel Canvas:

Dry-Feel canvas is the same cotton canvas fabric as the waxed canvas, but is coated with a synthetic water repellent finish. It’s not as weather resistant over time as waxed canvas but the color selection is way better. We use this for summer-weight bags. This fabric provides some weather protection but is not as storm-proof as the other fabrics.

Industrial Tarp & Marine Cover Fabrics

This is a whole family of fabrics available in a wide range of weights and textures. What these fabrics lack in ultralight space age tech appeal they make up for by checking all the boxes related to longevity and durability at an attractive price.

Ecopak and RBC

Ecopak and RBC (Recycled Bag Cloth) are the latest and greatest bag cloth offerings from Challenge Outdoors. RBC is the woven base fabric. Ecopak is layers of RBC laminated together with reinforcing threads sandwiched between the layers. RBC is made from recycled plastic bottles Each yard of RBC saves about 1 pound of C02 emissions compared to conventional pack cloth. This is my go-to when weight is the primary concern.

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